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Jul 24, 2011 12:00pm EDT
: today big names are banking on flash sales. this year, nordstrom bought the flash site haute look, and amazon, my habit. flash sales may be a new shopping trend for sconsumers, the marketing tactics are old-school. >> first of all, urgency, you have is to make a decision in a hurry or you might lose the deal. second thing is scarety on some of the sites or many of the sites, you know there is a limited quantity available. the third for some of the sites is exclusivity which basically indicates some of them are members-only sites. >> reporter: some things to look out for before making a flash purchase. you might be able to get the same deal or better price somewhere else. find out how much shipping costs. it may cost more than the deal is worth to you. if you're considering a travel flash sale, make sure you know who is actually providing the services. know the privacy policy associated with the information you give to the flash site. and understand the return policy. they may not take the product back. jacobs says she did not get the refund she expected when she went to return a pair o
Jul 2, 2011 5:30am EDT
big differences in it price from one mover to another. and so you really need to get competitive quotes from different movers. >> reporter: for example, checkbook got quotes for packing and moving a three-bedroom house from mclean to falls church. it found moving rates changed from $3,700 to more than $7,500. and the rate per hour for a four-person crew ranged from $175 to $250 an hour. >> you want to have more than one mover come to your home. and then you want to get a binding, fixed price contract from each of those movers, and then you really have something to compare. and it should be in writing. >> reporter: besides getting a binding, fixed price in writing from the mover, also be sure to include a list of inventory and the condition of your belongings. make sure you're present when your belongings are loaded and unloaded. and read the bill of lading before you sign it. and keep it until your shipment is delivered, paid and all claims, if any, are settled. doing your homework could keep you from suffering like kirk betts. >> this was the move from hell, and it really was. i
Jul 10, 2011 12:00pm EDT
: cliff, the big gray dog, a 3-year-old great dane, is as limp as 160 pounds of wet spaghetti, exhausted after an adventure you have to see to believe. >> the family was having a meal at five guys, and we were eating outside, and we thought we would tie the dog to the table, and have a burger. and we don't know what spooked him, we don't know what happened. >> kind of just quick-knotted his leash to the table, and the table made a noise or something, and he just bolted. >> reporter: security camera video from inside the five guys shows cliff, the table, and a huge red umbrella taking off. >> and you have to know, the thing that played a big role in cliff's escape was this, the table. it's not very heavy, and you can see how he just lifted it right up. >> reporter: down the carol creek pedestrian walkway went cliff. as he approached busy south market street, an astonished frederick city police officer thought fast, and grabbed the table. but the frightened dog was running so fast and so hard, the table leg he was tied to broke off. he kept going, now with just the table leg dra
Jul 30, 2011 5:30am EDT
pretty big facility. and quite high across from one building to the other. >> reporter: we start inside the america building, a high-tech rehab room for amputees, a therapy pool, prosthetics lab, all kinds of computerized machinery to help patients walk further or bike more easily. >> it's been great. couldn't ask for anything better. >> you're now in the basement. >> reporter: this is the gate lab. it's the latest technology to test amputees. >> put the heel in toe marker level. >> reporter: watch them walk to see how their therapists and doctors can help. >> you'll see him come into view. >> reporter: each little ball works as a reflective marker. cameras on the walls track the markers and show therapists anything from which leg the patient is favoring to how their joints are moving. >> so we can look at you from the front, we can look at you from are the side. >> reporter: down the hall, more high-tech labs. one, a computer animated rehab room, like a flight simulator for the body. >> a lot of new technology. >> reporter: the program manager, david olivera is proud of the faci
Jul 17, 2011 12:00pm EDT
on the big screen, it's a 15-inch screen and you can see all of the -- what they're doing. it's a nice experience. in the dulles terminal they mark it at 4:40 p.m. they were thrilled they'd be part of a flying first. >> we're on our honeymoon and we'd like to tell our kids we were on the first airbus. how crazy is that? >> outside, this first flight drew a crowd of airport employees as spectators. the a-380 is so big that it takes two gate s to unload and board passengers, one for the upper deck and one for the lower deck. >> there was one snaf you on this first trip, the upper jet bridge didn't work properly so the top deck passenger his to walk down a flight of stairs to unload. by the time a-380 depart, though, the passengers were able to use both bridges to board. julie carey, news 4, dulles international airport. air france operates three daily flights in the summer, but because the a-380 carries twice as many passengers they can cut that back to two flights. pretty nice. >>> st. luke's episcopal church is undergoing major changes. the entire congregation has voted to convert
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)